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Fuel System Specialists

Eurotank Service Group provides a full range of services to the downstream retail fuel industry
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Existing tanks can be upgraded to the same specification of a new tank with our retrofit double-wall tank lining system, which comes with an industry-leading 30-year warranty.

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Fuel Quality Management

Our dedicated teams specialise in preventative maintenance through fuel filtration and cleaning of tanks, pipelines and pump filters to keep microbial contamination under control.

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We can quickly prolong the life of your underground fuel storage tanks by seamlessly transforming a single-skin steel tank into a double-skin tank with our Fastliner bladder liner.

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Tank Inspection

Following the highest safety standards possible, our manned entry service is the most accurate method for assessing the internal condition of a tank.

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Tank Re-tightening

We destructively test the tank to find weak spots. Failures are repaired and the tank is put back into use. Tank re-tightening is a cost-effective alternative to tank re-lining.

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Camera Inspection

Remote inspection of tanks using ATEX-certified cameras can aid remote tank cleaning and help us establish basic information about your tanks without manned entry.

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Tank Testing

We carry out risk assessments, compliance testing and troubleshooting through highly effective, non-destructive methods using cutting-edge, leak-detection equipment to guarantee accurate results.

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Vapour Recovery

Using our nationwide fleet of cherry-picker vehicles, we provide extensive UK coverage for Stage 1b and Stage 2 inspections, testing, adjustment and certifications.

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Pump & Tank Gauge

Our experienced engineers offer a high level of service to give sites the best possible uptime and nozzle availability, whatever the make, model or age of equipment.

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Electrical Testing

Our team of Compex electricians carry out yearly periodic inspection testing, as well as new installation testing, to ensure that our customers always remain compliant.

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We can manage all aspects of a new pump or re-pump installation from pipework, groundworks, electrical disconnection and reconnection to a full upgrade and commissioning.

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Using our own mini diggers and forklifts fitted with hazardous area safety controls, our multi-skilled workforce specialises in carrying out construction on live fuel sites.

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Electrical Work

Working as either a sub-contractor or principal contractor, our Compex-qualified electricians can deliver any fuel system-related electrical installation anywhere in the UK.

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Our experienced pipe fitters are skilled and certified to replace or install single and double-skin pipework and chambers from all the major manufacturers.

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The Calibex tank-laser measurement system is the fastest, most accurate method for tank gauge calibration and essential for early detection of leaks and water ingress.

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Our TrueZero system is the latest best-practice method for pump meter calibration and can save sites an average of 1,000 litres for every million litres of petrol sold.

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