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Fuel Uplift
& Transfer

Eurotank ADR Tanker

Whether residual fuel in your underground, aboveground or vertical tank needs uplifting before a tank clean, you have contaminated fuel that needs to be reprocessed or disposed of, or you need to uplift fuel from one site and transfer it to another, Eurotank’s Fuel Uplift & Transfer service has you covered.

Our fleet of company-owned ADR-compliant tankers ranging from multi-compartment high-powered vacuum tankers to single compartment high-powered vacuum articulated tankers, can handle all types of hydrocarbon and chemicals in any scenario.

Our multi compartment or ‘twin pot’ tankers can store product during tank cleaning and uplift any waste fuel into separate pots, keep costs to a minimum for the customer.

All of our tankers are equipped with ATEX-approved vacuum pumps and our skilled drivers are trained to a high level with ADR and hazardous area qualifications, following all current petroleum regulations.

We can also manage the safe and legal disposal of any waste liquid fuels, solids and sludges.