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Bund Lining

Eurotank’s subsidiary company Specialist Lining Services (SLS) offers three bund lining systems for a variety of secondary containment applications.

Eurotank’s subsidiary company Specialist Lining Services (SLS)offers three bund lining systems for a variety of secondary containment applications. With the sole purpose of holding 110% of the liquid should the primary containment fail, bunds are typically made of either concrete, brick, or metal. Steel bunds suffer from corrosion issues from water, while concrete & brickwork are porous so installing a Polymer based lining such as Glass reinforced plastic lining (fibreglass lining), Polyurea lining, oran epoxy lining is essential.

  • Fibreglass Linings: These are used in aggressive chemical environments with harsh chemicals such as acids and alkaline. They are especially used in old bund installations where masonry-based substrates have damaged mortar joints etc.
  • Polyurea linings: These tend to be installed on new-build bunds or those that have severe movement issues.  They are also lacking chemical resistance, and do not offer thes ame chemical resistance as a chemical resistant GRP Lining. A Polyurea bund lining is more suited to an oil storage bund.
  • Epoxy linings: Typically used on steel bunds, Epoxy bund linings are not good for concrete or brickwork bund lining because the epoxy coating is susceptible to movement stress cracking.

The benefits of applying a bund lining

Bundlining, especially fibreglass lining and Polyurea lining offers fantastic structural integrity and a life expectancy in excess of 25 years. They are hardwearing, easy to clean and visually appealing.

Our lining systems can be applied to all types of bunds. These can range from a few square metres in surface area to in excess of 5,000 sq m.They also have the benefit of being applied all year round, even insub-zero temperatures of up to -5 degrees centigrade.

Our team of specialist lining contractors will provide you with an excellent service.  Most importantly we guarantee your bund will contain any fluids in the event of a catastrophic spillage or failure to your primary containment

As well as our linings having excellent chemical resistance, we also offer high temperature bund linings.  These can tolerate temperatures of up to 120 degrees centigrade.