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Fuel Quality

Eurotank has more than 20 years’ experience in fuel quality management with a particular focus on preventative fuel system maintenance for controlling microbial contamination. Our dedicated teams located throughout theUK undertake manned entry and remote tank cleaning, fuel filtration, pipeline cleaning and pump filter cleaning to keep underground storage tanks well maintained.

Manned entry tank cleaning

For the most effective tank clean, particularly after any fuel contamination, we recommend a manned entry tank clean. Our dedicated teams of tank cleaning engineers are highly trained in confined space entry and use the latest breathing apparatus to ensure the highest levels of safety for our people.

Robotic tank cleaning

Our Zone 0 remote-operated robots provide a thorough tank clean without the need to put an engineer inside the tank. This method is perfect for companies that do not allow people to enter underground fuel storage tanks on their sites.

Each robot is controlled from a skid-mounted control unit, which is the size of a compressor, and is delivered to site via our lorry-mounted claim. The robot has a CCTV camera on the front and is monitored by the Eurotank operative throughout to ensure a quality, in-depth clean.

Pipeline cleaning

Pipeline cleaning is very often misunderstood and forgotten about when it comes to microbial contamination of biodiesel blended diesel fuel storage systems.Ever since biodiesel was added into standard road diesel, Eurotank has been dealing with the effects of bugs growing in tanks and pipelines. When systems are decontaminated, removing the bugs from the pipelines is just as important as removing them from the tank. If bugs are not removed from the lines they will continue to grow and likely continue to cause problems with pump filters.

In addition to pump filters getting blocked, bugs can also start growing inside pumps themselves, causing premature wear and failure.Eurotank has developed a special technique for line cleaning, which was developed by our field teams over many years of trial and error.

Fuel filtration

In the event of any fuel contamination, Eurotank in most cases can rescue the stored fuel with our fuel filtration service. We will uplift the fuel inside the tank and filter it using specialist fuel filtration equipment. Once the fuel is returned to specification and the tank has been thoroughly cleaned, we will drop the fuel back into the tank.

Filter cleaning

Blocked pump filters are often the first sign of contamination. By checking pump filters regularly and having them cleaned as part of a planned preventative maintenance regime, retailers eliminate the risk of any contaminated fuel getting into customers vehicles and causing them to break down.