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Water Filling
& Removal

If you have a fuel tank that needs temporarily decommissioning, our Water Filling & Removal service is a cost-effective solution that ensures you can bring the tank back into action whenever you’re ready.

Following Blue Book guidance and using one of our in-house tankers, we will uplift any residual fuel left inside the tank and then fill the tank with water, disposing of all waste afterwards.

Petrol tanks are filled to capacity to ensure any flammable atmosphere is eliminated. A tank left empty will fill with vapour, becoming a potentially explosive atmosphere.

For diesel tanks, we leave a liquid seal – a small amount of water at the bottom of tank – so ensure no risk of environmental contamination in the event the tank develops a leak.

If you want to mothball a site for a long time or just want to make tanks safe for the duration of a major site redevelopment, talk to us about how Water Filling & Removal can give you peace of mind that any underground fuel tanks present no risk of explosion or environmental contamination.