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Eurotank and Europump use the latest, state-of-the-art technology to provide the most accurate calibration for pump meters and tanks. Calibex eliminates stock level variances by providing a highly accurate height to volume strapping table and TrueZero eliminates vapour loss during the meter calibration process.


Calibex is the solution to a long-term industry problem. The introduction of automatic tank gauges as a replacement for dipsticks has created a common stock level variance. This variance is caused by the gauge not being accurately calibrated, primarily due to the cost of calibration using water and tankers to provide the height to volume ‘strapping table’.  

Calibex is an ATEX-approved laser calibration system that quickly measures a live underground tank and produces a highly accurate strapping table. This removes the variances caused by lack of calibration as well as numerous additional benefits to knowing the exact height to volume table.

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TrueZero is a closed-loop piston meter system designed to reduce wetstock shrinkage caused by vapour loss during pump meter calibration.

Historically, the retail fuel industry has accepted a certain level of stock loss as a hidden cost of retailing petroleum spirit. As petrol is transferred from one receptacle to another, vapour is created, which causes shrinkage. TrueZero eliminates vapour loss during the meter calibration process.

On average, a retailer can save 1,000 litres for every one million litres sold by using the TrueZero recalibration service.


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