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Aquafighter® FAQs

What size Aquafighter® do I need?

This depends on the largest opening and size of your tank. Slim Aquafighter for tanks with 4-10cm openings; Anaconda Aquafighter for 10-30cm openings; and a Canvas Aquafighter or an Industrial Aquafighter for tanks with greater than 30cm openings.

How can you say that Aquafighter® will polish diesel?

Aquafighter will literally remove all types of water including bound, emulsified, suspended and free water from your fuel inside the tank. Expensive fuel polishing machines and fuel polishing services must first remove the fuel from the tank to clean it and even then they cannot remove water at 100% efficiency to under200ppm. Aquafighter removes water in the tank with100% efficiency to less than 75ppm.

What is the history of Aquafighter® use in application?

Aquafighter was first developed in 2015 and since then more than 7,000 laboratory tests were performed that showed Aquafighter removes bound water to less than75ppm in every single tested sample. In addition, the first adopter ofAquafighter was a major fuel company in Europe.In the first two years, more than 1,500,000 liters of bound water-filled fuel was recovered and sold at retail.

What is bound water?

Bound water is water that is attached to molecules of diesel fuel. It will not fall to the bottom of the tank and will not be separated by a water separator. With biodiesel, bound water is absorbed at a much higher rate and becomes a significantly bigger threat to your engine and fuel system. You can identify bound water as it makes the fuel cloudy and difficult to see through.

Will Aquafighter® clean my dirty tank?

Aquafighter will not remove large particles, it will not clean the bacteria that is currently in your tank and it will not repair already spoiled diesel fuel.However, Aquafighter will remove 100% of water to an amazing 75ppm and remove approximately 90% of small particles from your fuel. But onceAquafighter is in your tank, it will prevent bacteria from growing and prevent fuel from degrading quickly.

Why would I need Aquafighter® if I have a water separator?

A water separator does not remove any water from your tank and it only removes most of the free water after it enters your fuel system. A water separator is not made to remove bound/emulsified water and almost never will an engine manufacturer cover water damage on a warranty.

Does it make sense to use Aquafighter® to remove just free water that is sitting at the bottom of my tank?

Aquafighteris the most convenient way to remove free water, however, we recommend that you either drain this water or suck it out because this doesn't cost money and doesn't take much time. But, if you are not very mechanically inclined, you don't want to get your hands dirty or you have a very specific situation where draining and sucking it out is not applicable, Aquafighter will absorb that water in less than one hour and is virtually mess free.

How do I check to see if my Aquafighter® is full?

You can either monitor the water separator for first traces of water, pull up the Aquafighter to inspect or use a dipstick refill as a bound-water check.

How long will my Aquafighter® last?

You can either monitor the water separator for first traces of water, pull up the Aquafighter to inspect or use a dipstick refill as a bound-water check.

How much water does Aquafighter® capture?

The Small Finger Aquafighter collects 100ml; the Medium Canvas Aquafighter takes in 2.5 litres of water; while the Large Canvas Aquafighter captures 4.5 litres of water.

CanI trust Aquafighter® to clean my fuel in the tank? 

Aquafighter is scientifically proven in a lab, in vehicle fuel tanks as well as in fuel station diesel tanks. Aquafighter will remove all water, purifying the diesel fuel to better-than-spec. However; if your fuel has already degraded, Aquafighter nor any other machine or magic potion is able to restorethis fuel. Your best option is to get Aquafighter in your tank and giveyourself the absolute best fuel protection on Earth.

Can I put Aquafighter® in a tank that hasn't been cleaned? 

Yes.While it is always best to operate with a clean tank, Aquafighter will take the water out of the diesel in a tank that contains bacteria and dirt.

Why is Aquafighter® better than the many chemicals and additives on the market?

Aquafighteris a cure for water in your tank and your fuel system because it removes water as it enters your tank and prevents it from causing any damage whatsoever. Chemicals and other absorbents only treat the bad things caused by the presence of water in your tank, your fuel system and your engine.Also, Aquafighter is completely safe to be handle and contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals.

What about other products that claim to absorb water in the tank?

There are many products on the market that go to the bottom of the tank and absorb water. However, those products will only remove free water that has already fallen to the bottom of the tank; they cannot remove bound water effectively.