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Tank Lining

Eurotank Environmental has a suite of tank upgrading products to ensure that it can provide the correct solution for any tank owner’s needs. From Lifeliner, which is a retrofit, structural ‘tank-in-a-tank’ tank lining solution, to the Fastliner bladder tank liners, which can be installed with or without entering the tank, or our entry level ‘tank re-tightening’ system. Put simply, Eurotank has a solution to fit any budget, appetite for downtime or future plans for the site.


Lifeliner is our tank-in-a-tank tank lining solution, which comes with an industry leading 30-year warranty and is the only tank upgrading system on the market that can be monitored using a Class 1 pressure system. All our other double-skin systems are monitored using a Class 1 vacuum.

Being able to apply a continuous 6psi over pressure between the two skins of Lifeliner demonstrates its structural strength.

This is the perfect system for upgrading single-skin GRP tanks that have gone ‘soft’ due to material incompatibility with the latest alcohol blended petrol or anyone who wants a lifelong warranty and the ability to use a Class 1 pressure leak detector, which is the leak detector recommended in the Energy Institute guidelines for tanks installed in sensitive environmental areas.

Lifeliner is a retrofit double-skin lining system that uses the same thickness and construction specification as a double-wall GRP/FRP (composite) tank. This solution provides owners of underground fuel storage tanks with the ability to upgrade their tanks to the same condition as new tanks, without the disruption.

Lifeliner is the only tank lining system that is strong enough to be monitored with a Class 1 pressure system and carries an industry-leading, 30-year warranty.

Lifeliner Double-Skin

Lifeliner Single-Skin

The single-skin version of Lifeliner is a new fibreglass/resin composite single-skin tank built inside the existing tank. It’s most suitable for sites with a double-skin tank where the inner skin has failed as well as sites that are not in an environmentally sensitive area. There is no monitoring system with single-skin Lifeliner but the system has the same 100% resistance to ethanol and methanol as the double-skin version.

Minimum life expectancy is 20 years and it typically takes around six days for a typical 30,000 litre tank. The tank is cleaned and sand blasted, vacuum tested and repaired as required. A primer is applied to the tank shell and three layers of hand laid fibreglass cover the whole tank. Top wax coat is applied to finish.

Lifeliner Single-Skin


Fastliner – manned entry is a bladder liner tank lining system that is made off site in a factory, using tank measures that have previously been captured by Eurotank’s Calibex laser tank measurement system. Fastliner can be installed in a single day and is a great way of upgrading single-skin tanks, without lengthy disruption.

We also offer Fastliner – non-manned entry, where we clean tanks remotely before inserting a Fastliner from the surface, without the need for a human to enter the tank. This methodology is used by global oil company brands who have a ‘no men in tanks’ policy.


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