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Interceptor &
Drainage Cleaning

All forecourts are exposed to the elements and wet weather can lead to the flooding of forecourt drainage systems, which, in turn can cause severe disruption of services to customers. Additionally, the accumulation of oil, silt, debris and other contaminants within an interceptor increases the risk of forecourt flooding and the risk of pollutants contaminating the sewerage system or watercourse.

The build-up of flammable residues in forecourt drains is another risk to be avoided as spillage is inevitable in all fuel and oil-dominated environments. Even the smallest drop of oil is enough to contaminate vast expanses of drainage and the watercourse.

Forecourts with jet washes also see drainage systems requiring regular maintenance. Eurotank’s drainage and interceptor maintenance and cleaning services eliminate the build-up of contaminants and debris to significantly reduce the risk of flooding. We recommend visits to be carried out at regular intervals – around every six months. This proactive approach of pre-planned maintenance ensures there is no loss of service hours for the business and customers get a continuous service.

Any waste removed from the cleaning process is disposed of in a compliant manner using fully licensed disposal facilities and ensuring that all duty-of-care obligations are met.

Eurotank Interceptor & Drainage Cleaning
Eurotank Interceptor & Drainage Cleaning

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