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Europump Maintenance is the UK distributor of Mepsan fuel dispensers, All Round Systems outdoor payment systems and Omntec tank gauges.

We can supply, install and maintain all models.


Mepsan fuel pumps are manufactured in Konya, Turkey and are used in 80 countries around the world by major fuel brands such as BP, Gulf and Total.

We can supply, install and maintain the full range of Mepsan dispensers. Mepsan dispensers have an integrated vapour recovery pump and motor component. This single component contains both the pumping unit to pump the vapour recovered from the nozzle and the motor to drive the pump. This development removes the need for a belt between two individual components, which is standard in the industry, and significantly reduces lifetime servicing costs and improves equipment uptime.

Watch our Mepsan Factory Tour video to see how the dispensers are manufactured.

Outdoor Payment Terminals

Tipperary-based All Round Systems offers two pay@pumpsolutions under the Quick Pay 24/7 brand name – one is a standalone solution for unmanned sites, while the other integrates into fuel pumps.

With the standalone version, you can position it and control multiple pumps from just that one terminal. Users select the pump they are using via the touchscreen, present their card and key in the amount of fuel they want.

The terminal is Chip & PIN enabled so users can insert their card or use it contactless. The machine also accepts all the major fuel cards (UK Fuels, Key Fuels and FIS). In addition, it can be used to set up local customer account packages and assign fobs to users.Alternatively, if the forecourt has a shop, Quick Pay 24/7can be integrated into the DOMS PPS 5000 controller.

The technology is backed up by 24/7 monitoring to eliminate costly downtime. The systems are connected to broadband either via landline or 4G and have a live status monitor that delivers a ‘heartbeat’ every five minutes, 24/7. If the signal is not received for any reason, the system sends emails to both the site owner and All Round to say there is a fault. This is then quickly identified and remedied via remote log-in.

Tank Gauge & Leak Detection

The Proteus Series of tank gauging and leak detection feature advanced technology, versatility, scalability and enhanced features such as Omntec’s seven-inch colour touchscreens.

The Proteus-K Series can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperature, leads and much more in up to eight tanks. The flexibility of Proteus makes it ideal for a variety of gauging and leak detection applications.

The OEL8000IIIK accepts up to 16 of Omntec’s Bright Eye (BXSeries) sensors for distinguishing product from water or for simply detecting the presence of liquid. An advantage of Bright Eye sensors is they are networked and use four wire bus technology. Omntec’s magnetostrictive tank gauging (MTG-V) probe uses magnetostrictive technology to provide users with the same level of reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness they expect with all Omntec products.  

The MTG-V probe used with the Proteus-B, Proteus-K and Proteus-X monitors product levels, water levels and temperature in both underground and aboveground tank applications.

Watch our Equipment video