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Electrical Work

We offer a full range of electrical and hazardous area electrical services to the retail fuel industry.

Installation services range from canopy and delivery lighting, installing networks and pump installations, to rewiring the entire forecourt.

We can build and supply control systems – everything from simple power distribution panels to control forecourt dispensers, through to complex driver-delivery systems for DCD and aboveground tank transfer pump systems, including many advanced safety features, ensuring your assets are always fully protected and ready for when you need them most.

Our electrical engineers are Compex 7 & 8 trained, giving you peace of mind that any works are carried out to the highest standard and are fully compliant with the APEA Blue Book and British Standard 7671.

Our electrical engineers complement our other service divisions such as our construction team. Having this capability all managed in one place, gives us the advantage of making sure no matter what the project may be, we can deliver.