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biodiesel Pipeline cleaning

Why a maintenance regime shouldn’t overlook line cleaning

Pipeline cleaning is very often misunderstood and forgotten about when it comes to microbial contamination of biodiesel blended diesel fuel storage systems.

Ever since biodiesel was added into standard road diesel almost 15 years ago, Eurotank has been dealing with the effects of bugs growing in tanks and pipelines – removing them from pipelines is just as important as removing them from tanks.

Group MD Edward Wheeler said: “If bugs are not removed from the lines they will continue to grow and likely continue to cause problems with pump filters and even start growing inside the pumps themselves, causing premature wear and failure.

"Eurotank has developed a special technique for line cleaning over many years of trial and error. So if you experience pump filter blocking linked to microbial contamination, ask your service provider how they clean the pipelines to ensure they know what they are doing, or give us a call!”

Published date:
July 10, 2021
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