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Wetstock monitoring added to list of services

Eurotank Service Group has become the UK distributor of the FuelPrime wetstock management system.

Developed by Poland-based AIUT, FuelPrime is a fully automatic, certified system designed for the reconciliation and detection of fuel loss at petrol stations. The solution enables monitoring of the exact fuel quantity and can provide comprehensive supervision through the entire supply chain from the fuel terminal to the forecourt customer.

Edward Wheeler, Eurotank’s Group Managing Director, said: “The new partnership with AIUT and the FuelPrime service completes a more than 10-year journey into helping fuel retailers reduce their wetstock losses. In 2012 Eurotank introduced TrueZero, a closed-loop pump meter calibration service, which is the most accurate way of calibrating petrol pump meters in comparison to the traditional can method, which is still the primary technology in the market. In addition, we introduced laser tank calibration and strapping table production.

"Without access to customer’s data we can’t make the recommendations that retailers need to help them reduce their wetstock losses so this partnership completes both our product and service offer, as well as giving retailers a new option for wetstock monitoring that’s designed to improve it and not just highlight when its performance deteriorates.”

Published date:
October 31, 2023
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