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Water warning for underground fill points: ensure caps are tight

If your site has fill points within a below ground tank chamber, it’s wise to check the caps have been properly tightened after a fuel delivery when heavy rain is forecast.

Eurotank has been responding to callouts where water in the chambers have covered the fill caps and disrupted fuel deliveries.

Sales Director Jack Aplin explains: “Below ground fill points can be convenient for sites with limited space but they pose an additional risk of water contamination, particularly older brick chambers that are not water tight.

“They rely on the tank caps being secured and tightened after every delivery to ensure water can’t get into the tank.

“Chambers of this nature should be regularly inspected, and if water ingress is an issue, water should be removed periodically and particular attention taken after interaction with the fill caps.”

Published date:
November 30, 2023
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