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UK’s first FuelPrime systems installed

Eurotank has just installed the UK’s first three FuelPrime wetstock monitoring systems since partnering with Poland-based supplier AIUT at the end of last year.

FuelPrime is a fully automatic certified system designed for the reconciliation and detection of fuel lost at petrol stations, and completes Eurotank’s service offering to help fuel retailers reduce their wetstock losses.

Chris Ramshaw, Eurotank’s Group Operations Director, has installed the FuelPrime systems – in Gloucestershire, East Sussex and North London – to help develop installation instructions and the risk assessment and method statement (RAMS), along with gaining first-hand knowledge of how to install the system.

The system connects to the onsite infrastructure via the forecourt controller, enabling it to pull off the POS and tank readings.

The system is already compatible with DOMS and ITL site controllers, which are used by most of the major POS suppliers.

Chris said: “The installation itself is very straightforward once all the services are in the right place.

“It was good for me to go out and install it for myself so I can now further develop the RAMS based on multiple site installation experience.”

Published date:
January 30, 2024
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