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robotic tank clean

Tricky tank clean made simple with new robot

Eurotank Environmental’s new tank cleaning robot made light work of a remote tank clean in its first trial since delivery.

As part of a fully no-manned entry tank clean and lining installation, the robot was able to thoroughly clean a long tank, which would have been more challenging to de-gas using usual remote methods.

After cleaning, the tank was lined remotely using Eurotank’s Fastliner tank lining system while the site continued to trade throughout.

Alex Lis, Operations Director of Eurotank Environmental, said: “A robotic tank clean was the perfect solution for our customer that has a policy of no manned tank entry. A traditional method of remote cleaning would have been more challenging because the tank was so long.

“This was the second time we have remotely installed Fastliner for the same customer and the two services combined provide a very credible no manned entry offer to clean and line tanks on live sites.”

The Zone 0 tank cleaning robot is the company’s biggest-ever investment to date and enable Eurotank to offer an unmanned tank cleaning service that is every bit as effective as manned entry, reducing tank downtime because cleaning is 45% faster than man entry methods.

Eurotank is the first company in the UK to offer robotic tank cleaning along with the ability to do all associated works such as tank lid removals and any required tank repairs or lining.

Published date:
September 6, 2021
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