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Single-skin Lifeliner tank lining by Eurotank Environmental

Tank lining programme complete for Petrocell

Eurotank Environmental has finished the final of four tank lining projects for independent retailer Petrocell. 

Edenbridge Service Station in Kent was the last Petrocell site to have its tanks upgraded using Eurotank’s Lifeliner single-skin system. 

The six-tank upgrade took 30 days with the site continuing to trade throughout. 

Other sites in the programme were Colwich Service Station in Staffordshire, Winslow Service Station in Buckinghamshire and Sidmouth Service Station in Devon. 

Petrocell Director, John Dowling, said: “Eurotank gave us various options and we chose the one that was environmentally responsible and most appropriate for us. In this case it was single-skin Lifeliners, which have a 20-year warranty.

“We have been using Eurotank for years and the team are excellent, especially at accommodating us with the minimal amount of disruption on site. They are always professional and are also very safety conscious.”

Eddie Fataciune, Head of Operations at Eurotank Environmental, said: “We always aim to cause minimal disruption on site so the work is divided into two phases to maintain availability of both grades of fuel on at least half of the pumps.”

Before lining begins, all tanks are cleaned and inspected. The single-skin Lifeliner system comprise three layers of fibre glass followed by a wax coat.

Published date:
October 31, 2023
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