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Tank lids retrofitted for maintenance access

Eurotank Environmental has installed manways on aboveground tanks at a truckstop near Bristol.

The customer was looking for tank inspections on three aboveground tanks because one of the tanks was undergoing a grade change and they wanted to have a good idea of the condition of all the tanks.

These types of tank don’t have an accessible manway because the second skin containment is bolted onto the tank top. Unbolting the whole roof section is an expensive process but also wouldn’t give the customer a solution for any future internal tank work they needed.

The solution that ticked all boxes was to have accessible manways retrofitted to the tops of the tanks.

Eurotank had hatches with two handles specially fabricated and the team fitted them to the secondary containment. Greg Wyatt, Eurotank’s Technical Sales Manager, said: “This solution provided good access to the tank manway and can also be used for any required internal tank work in the future.”

Published date:
January 30, 2024
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