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Swift resolution to FuelMii’s long-standing gauge problem

Europump Maintenance technical know-how delivered a quick fix to a faulty gauge on a FuelMii satellite tank, which had resulted in the need for time-consuming twice-daily stock reconciliation because the inaccuracy meant that for every 100 litres dispensed, only 25 litres was displaying. 

Oban McMillan, Operations & Transport Manager for FuelMii, said the original installer of the gauge had attended a number of times, adjusting dimensions and tweaking settings, all with no success so he contacted Europump.

“I initially felt reassured that even if unable to resolve the issue, they would be able to provide some answers or help with what may be needed. The engineer attended the site the same week, keeping me updated from the moment of arrival and I was amazed when he called to say the problem had been resolved and recommended ways I could improve the accuracy to meet my requirements. The level of service provided, and specialist knowledge clearly is industry leading.”

Published date:
July 6, 2022
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