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Small construction works by Eurotank Installations

Small works team adds lampposts to latest jobs

Eurotank Installations’ small works team is usually busy carrying out fabric repairs to forecourts nationwide but over the past few weeks it’s been dedicated to installing lampposts for security cameras.

Our construction team will be installing lampposts, bollards and ducting for ANPR cameras overlooking car washing facilities at 15 sites.  

Lisa Kershaw, Eurotank Installations Senior Co-ordinator, said: “The new lamppost with ANPR camera installations are crucial for our customer in terms  of security and customer identification.

“We are proud to be part of the rollout and are really pleased with the quality of work being produced.”

The small works team has still managed to fit in a few fabric repairs, though. Mostly tank lid replacements complete with new concrete margins.

If you have broken drainage channels, manhole covers, damaged bollards and walls or potholes on your forecourt, please contact

Published date:
March 22, 2024
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