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Eurotank uses tank cleaning robot to prepare diesel tank for HVO fuel

Robotic tank clean is first step in HVO project

Eurotank has started a new project for a customer trialling HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel as an alternative to diesel to assess its take-up.

Eurotank Installations is putting in the infrastructure for HVO pumps on the HGV lanes of five trial sites. New pipelines and four-hose pumps providing diesel and HVO on both sides will replace the existing single-hose pumps, which currently dispense diesel.

 The first step in the project was for Eurotank Environmental to clean the tanks using one of our tank cleaning robots in line with the customer’s requirement for all tank works to be carried out remotely without entering the tank. 

Jack Aplin, Eurotank Group Sales Director, said: “This is an interesting project for a customer who wants to trial HVO fuel for HGV customers. While it’s a straight conversion from diesel to HVO in terms of usage, the tanks need preparation with a thorough clean and we need to put in new pipework.”

Published date:
February 28, 2023
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