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Quality Awards encourage innovative thinking on site

Perfecting a technique for installing a parabeam section with one continuous piece of material around the diameter of the tank is the latest innovation from Eurotank Environmental’s tank liner, Richard Wilson. 

Richard’s innovation saves time while also reducing working at height risk, and has earned him an internal Quality Award, a scheme that rewards excellence within the field. 

Richard has been with the company since July 2010 and this is not the first time he has played a part in innovating the Lifeliner application process. 

In November 2020, Richard was rewarded for devising a large spring roller tool that minimises the need to work on a step ladder and tank platform during tank lining works, therefore reducing the risk of working at height.

Alex Lis, Operations Director for Eurotank Environmental, said: “The guys in the field work extremely hard, often in difficult conditions, so it’s very satisfying when engineers put extra effort into improving processes and we like to reward that. The spring roller tool had been a few months in the making but Richie was central to getting that project over the line. And his latest innovation has been another step forward.”

Published date:
December 21, 2022
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