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Products brought to life with new videos

Eurotank has filmed two videos over the past month to help communicate the benefits of products joining the Group’s suite of services.

The first video to promote Mepsan dispensers and outdoor payment was filmed at Highway Stops’ Park Royal Service Station in Wembley, London. Eurotank Sales Director Jack Aplin presents the features of the OPT, its ease of integration with the Mepsan dispenser and also the benefits of providing AdBlue at the pump. The second video is a case study of the Big Brother forecourt security system at a Hockenhull Garages site in Peterborough. Owner Joe Hockenhull shares his experience of the system, particularly about its effect on eliminating drive-offs. 

Group Managing Director Edward Wheeler said: “Videos are one of the best ways to communicate with customers in regards to new products.  Being able to film a product working on an existing UK site makes all the difference to context and credibility.  

“To make an impact, videos need to be short in length and punchy in their message, which I find a great way to talk about a product as it makes you focus on what is really important. What it does and what the benefit is to the retailer is the underlying theme for all our videos.

“We’ve found a great partner in Southpoint Films because they are willing to work the way that suits us, which is turning up with a rough idea of what we want to do, and putting it together on the day in a TV news interview style. 

“I really enjoy the process of making videos; I get to create something collaboratively, which also doesn’t involve me in front of the camera! It is incredibly difficult to deliver lines when you are being filmed and we normally have lots of takes to get it right. Hopefully the videos work and people enjoy watching them.”

Both new videos, which are presented by Eurotank’s Non-Executive Director and industry stalwart Michael O’Loughlin, will receive their first public screening at Eurotank’s customer event in August, and will be shared on LinkedIn and the company website after that. 

Published date:
June 30, 2023
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