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Corroded vent pipe causing vapour loss

Prevent vapour loss with inspections of vent pipe

Forecourt owners should inspect vent pipes for corrosion to prevent vapour losses during fuel deliveries, advises Eurotank.

During a recent tank lining project in Kent, Eurotank Environmental engineers spotted a large hole in one vent pipe, which was releasing vapour at ground level during fuel deliveries.

The engineers reported it as a safety observation, completed a temporary fix, and a Eurotank Installations pipefitter attended the site to survey for a replacement.

The full remedial works will involve removal of soil around the vent stack, breaking out all concrete around the corroded vent, and replacing the damaged pipe along with new flanges.

The pipe will be tested and then wrapped with anti-corrosion Denso tape below ground level. Finally the pipe will be painted and gravel will be put in around the vent to stop soil touching the pipe.

The job will take three days and all tanks will be filled beforehand.

Jack Aplin, Group Sales Director, said: “The soil around the vent pipes is the likely cause of corrosion and customers can easily check vents for signs of corrosion themselves.”

Published date:
November 30, 2023
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