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Petrocell set to save thousands of pounds with TrueZero

Top 50 Indie Petrocell has contracted Europump Maintenance to undertake pump meter calibration using the service provider’s TrueZero system, which eliminates wetstock shrinkage from over-dispensing meters and from vapour loss that occurs during traditional open-neck can calibration.

Following a trial ofTrueZero at Petrocell’s Ladylane Garage in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Petrocell has signed up for annual TrueZero recalibration at all of its 10 sites nationwide, and is set to save, on average, 1,000 litres for every one million litres of fuel it sells.

Petrocell has also appointed Europump to look after site certifications with annual vapour recovery stage 1 and 2 and electrical testing.

John Dowling, Director at Petrocell, said: “It was good to witness the TrueZero process on trial at our site fitted with low-drift meters. Three of the pumps were over dispensing and these have been cut back using the highly accurate method. We look forward to seeing the savings across the rest of our network.

“Europump’s ability to take ownership of our site certifications will ensure that Petrocell will remain legally compliant at all times: a major benefit.”

Phillip Brodie, Group Sales Manager of Eurotank Service Group, the parent company of Europump Maintenance, said: “Europump has tailored a contract precisely to the specific needs of the Petrocell network, saving the retailer thousands of pounds and ensuring compliance as custodians of their site certifications.”

The Eurotank Service Group of companies, which comprises Eurotank Environmental, Eurotank Installations and Europump Maintenance, together have the capabilities to provide all the fuel system services a fuelling facility needs. 

Published date:
January 18, 2021
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