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New Rolba tanker improves tank cleaning processes

Eurotank Environmental has taken delivery of a new Rolba multi-pot ADR tanker, which has been specifically built for cleaning petrol and diesel tanks. 

One compartment allows us to uplift and hold the contents of a tank during the cleaning process, which guarantees every litre passes through our filtration system. The second compartment holds the waste from the cleaning process. Clean water is stored in a third compartment, which can be used to break up heavy sludge/rust in either a manned or non-manned-entry cleaning process.

For the tank cleaning teams, this new piece of equipment makes tank cleaning a less arduous task. It requires less manual handling of hoses, provides the ability to use a remote control to turn the vacuum suction on and off, and also means the tank cleaning teams can uplift fuel and hold it on the tanker rather than have to move fuel around on site via transfer pumps. 

Published date:
January 31, 2023
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