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New assets to support operations and growth

A flurry of capital investment for Eurotank Installations (EI) and Eurotank Environmental (EE) has been made this month to improve operations on larger project sites and enable further growth for the construction division.

A new 4.5T Groundhog welfare unit has been delivered and will be used on complex project sites involving larger teams undertaking a combination of construction works and Lifeliner tank upgrades. The unit is the biggest welfare unit able to be lifted by EE’s lorry-mounted crane. The EE Tanks & Industrial Services team will also benefit from a new welfare van. This mobile unit provides crucial welfare facilities, including a toilet, kitchen and seating for four. 

Meanwhile, EI has purchased a new 2.5T digger and 3T dumper truck to support its continued growth. 

Edward Wheeler, Group Managing Director, said: “Quality welfare facilities are important for team morale and having our own rather than hiring gives us much more control. Eurotank also wanted to take advantage of the 130% tax deduction policy currently in place for capital investments – it’s likely to be the only government help we’ll get this year, although we’re hopeful of a fuel tax reduction soon to help slow our spiralling costs.”

Published date:
July 6, 2022
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