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MFG contract grows interceptor division

Eurotank Environmental’s interceptor and drainage division has had a major growth spurt following the sign-up of Motor Fuel Group (MFG).

The deal will see Eurotank carry out annual cleans on the interceptors, drainage channels, valet facilities and hand car washes at 450 MFG sites. Eurotank now has around 870 sites on recurring revenue contracts, which is just over 10% of the market.

Eurotank operates a fleet of ADR tankers, some of which are high specification Rolba tankers used to clean interceptors and drainage at petrol forecourts.

ADR specification for handling potentially flammable liquids, including possible ethanol mixed into interceptor waters, is critical, and the 16,000 litre barrel of the Rolba tankers allow us to uplift the contents of interceptors as well as store the waste removed. A low-volume jetter means we can clean drainage channels without spraying customers with water, and the onboard water storage tank gives us the water needed to complete the job successfully.

Edward Wheeler, Group Managing Director, said: “There is always a big focus on the cost of doing this type of work and we are very competitive, but the main benefit we offer our clients is we always remove all the waste so they don’t have reactive callouts between PPMs. This is where our customers get the most value out of our service.”

Published date:
November 30, 2023
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