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Mepsan pumps for Highway Stops site

A Eurotank Installations project to install Mepsan pumps at a London forecourt is nearing completion, with the pumps due to be branded imminently. 

Independent retailer Highway Stops’ Park Royal Service Station in Northwest London has been fully repumped with Mepsan Smartline L dispensers. Two pumps on the outside lane of the forecourt also feature an integrated outdoor payment system, which eliminates the need to close off those pumps at certain times because of the increased risk of drive-offs. 

One pump has an integrated AdBlue dispenser for cars, and the Mepsan HGV pump also has an integrated AdBlue pump. 

The project has been completed while the site continued to trade throughout. 

Edward Wheeler, Group Managing Director, said: “At Eurotank Service Group our purpose is Keeping Your Fuel Flowing so we always work to programmes that maximise nozzle availability while keeping the site trading.

“For full-site repumps, we keep half of the forecourt trading while we replace the pumps and islands, then open up the new pumps and close off the second half of the forecourt to complete the site.”

Published date:
January 31, 2023
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