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Europump supplies, installs and maintains Mepsan pumps in the UK

Mepsan: a new brand of pump for the UK

Europump has become the UK and Ireland distributor of Mepsan fuel pumps.

Manufactured in Turkey, Mepsan pumps are used in 30 countries worldwide and by global fuel brands such as BP, Shell, Total andGulf.

The distributor agreement will mean Europump can supply, install and maintain the full range of Mepsan fuel dispensers for retail and commercial fuelling facilities.

The product range includes combination dispensers for all fuel grades as well as pumps for HGV, AdBlue, LPG and hydrogen.

Eurotank has a strong history in bringing new manufacturers to the UK and Ireland markets and has worked as the service partner for Scheidt & Bachmann from 2012 as well as installing and maintaining the first Tatsuno pumps in the UK.

Edward Wheeler, Group Managing Director of Eurotank, said: “The UK is a tough market to crack for manufacturers entering for the first time. GVR and Dover have a huge market share and general product quality is good with competitive prices.

"We have previously struggled to hit the price point with our first partners but we are confident that Mepsan will tick all the boxes in terms of quality, cost and the aesthetics that fuel retailers care about. We are particularly excited about the Smartline H series, which really looks the business as well as being competitively priced.”

Published date:
July 1, 2021
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