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Eurotank worker in full PPE

Member of the public praises construction team

A local resident neighbouring a Eurotank Installations (EI) project site in Letterston, north Pembrokeshire was full of praise for the conduct of the EI workers on site, their perfect attitude to work and commitment to full PPE.

Nick Best remarked on how hard the team led by EI Operations Manager, Ashley Bithell, were working in trying circumstances, commenting that the forecourt isn’t in the best condition.

“Ashley Bithell is an exceptional leader and a credit to himself and the company,” said Mr Best. “You never saw the guys standing about chatting and I welcomed him going around the village and talking to the locals about what was going on.

“Now whenever I see a Eurotank van it makes me smile and I feel a good job is coming that way. I wouldn’t mind working for Eurotank myself!”

Eurotank Service Group Customer Relationship Manager, DavidHobson, said: “We love receiving positive feedback from happy customers but it’s rare that a member of the public feels compelled to contact us and share their positive comments on how the teams are conducting themselves on site and being respectful and considerate to the local residents that surround our construction sites.”

Published date:
February 7, 2022
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