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Dri-sump is a fast cost-effective method of testing tank chambers

Launch of a new service for tank chamber and interceptor testing

Eurotank has launched a service for testing tank chambers and other underground secondary containment systems following a new partnership with Texas-based Dri-Sump Testing Associates.

Dri-sump is a revolutionary new method of testing containment systems and will identify the smallest of leaks in a fast and cost-effective process. The industry currently carries out visual inspections, which only highlight major leaks detectable by the human eye.

Edward Wheeler, Eurotank’s Group Managing Director, said: “As ground drinking water reserves are predicted to become more and more stressed, we need to protect the environment more than ever, as well as protecting you from prosecution. Dri-sump can provide an annual test to ensure your containment systems do what your risk assessment says they will do.”

The Dri-sump test takes 60 seconds, uses no water and creates zero waste. The system uses a heavy aerosol to fill a 1,200L tank access chamber in about 10 seconds. An air generator pulls the soiled gases from around the tank access chamber into a viewing chamber, and a laser is introduced. If a leak is detected, a green laser line will be visible. If no leak is present, the laser merely makes a dot.

The test is also a cost-effective alternative to integrity testing of interceptors, which should be done every five years according to a new Environment Agency recommendation, and is currently only achieved using confined space entry.

Published date:
October 29, 2023
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