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New Eurotank Service Group Interceptor

Key position boosts interceptor cleaning services

Eurotank Service Group has expanded its Interceptor and Drainage Services division with the key appointment of Susan Duncan in the new role of Operations Manager, Interceptor and Drainage Services.

Susan has a wealth of experience in the sector having previously worked for industrial cleaning company John Rome Ltd, and latterly Slicker Recycling following its acquisition of John Rome in December 2016.

She said: “This is an exciting new challenge for me – taking Eurotank into the cleaning and maintenance of interceptors. The new services are a perfect fit for the business and it is great being involved right from the beginning. I really am looking forward to getting my teeth into the role.”

John Rome, previously of John Rome Ltd, of course now works for Eurotank as Interceptor and Environmental Management Consultant. He said:“It is fantastic to have Susan on board as she has so much experience in the sector. She’s a very switched on cookie who will certainly make a success of this new division.”

John said that although there is a lot of competition in the interceptor cleaning and maintenance market he believes Eurotank will succeed thanks to its excellent reputation for quality of service.

“Proper disposal is key in the interceptor business with health and safety front of mind at all times. Eurotank can definitely deliver on that score.”

Published date:
November 7, 2021
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