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Eurotank Service Group’s (ESG’s) Improvements

Improvements continue at Eurotank Service Group

Eurotank Service Group’s (ESG’s) service and efficiency keeps improving thanks in no small part to the efforts of our Business Improvement Manager, Phil Large.

Phil reports that one small change that has been a big success is running weekly meetings using a dashboard filled with lots of data.

“It’s a fine balance as you don’t want to get too bogged down with the numbers then lose site of the operational picture but, at the same time, having the figures and trends enables you to understand the direction and if and where improvements are needed,” he said.

ESG is also busy mapping out its internal processes so that it can get to the point where it can create a Eurotank Standards Guide for all projects. Phil explained: “This will support training and development as well as lead to consistent quality across the board.”

Work is also ongoing on the internal operating system to ensure it is maximised to its full potential – from automation capability to the flow of notes through the system.

The company is also working on Phase 2 of its project with Think WOW to improve customer service and develop ESG’s sales cycle through its CRM system.

Refined company values and a mission statement are now in place and the team is busy creating an internal customer steering group tasked with using all customer feedback to improve levels of service.

Phil said: “It’s an exciting time for ESG as we are expanding fast. This means core plans to maintain and even exceed our current high standards and values are more important than ever.”

Published date:
May 14, 2021
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