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Tank lining with Fastliner

How Eurotank lined two tanks in four days with Fastliner

The Fastliner tank lining system really lived up to its name when it enabled the Eurotank Environmental team to upgrade two tanks in just four days for a customer in Liverpool. 

The team managed to travel from Southampton to the site in Liverpool, set-up and uplift the fuel, remove the tank lid, complete a manned entry tank clean and testing, install Fastliner, put the system on test, put the tank lids back on and finally install the leak detector – all in four days.

There were also some unexpected challenges along the way. Ducting from the tank to the shop had been struck by another contractor and not repaired properly. 

The gauge cables had also been hit in another location and had been jointed in the duct with encapsulation kits, causing the ducting to clog up. But the Eurotank team on-site acted fast to overcome these challenges and complete the project on time. 

Upgrading two tanks in four days is impressive and testament to our highly skilled team. Even though we hit some unexpected challenges, everyone pulled together to get the job done to a high standard and in record time.

TUV accreditation

The Fastliner system has been accredited by TUV Nord against the EN13160-7:2016 standard.  

Multiple tests are carried out to prove that the system met the standard requirements in terms of the ability to detect leaks and its performance storing different substances including gasoline, alcohol, jet fuel and diesel.  

There are also versions suitable for storing kerosene and Adblue.

Fastliner for petrol tanks has been independently certified by TUV Nord to be suitable for storing petrol containing up to 20% ethanol (E20).  

The testing included blends mixed with up to three per cent methanol, which is the maximum allowed level that can be added to petrol and is also a very aggressive chemical for seals and gaskets due to its small molecule, which can penetrate and start to break down materials that are not resistant against it.

This accreditation should give our customers full confidence in the Fastliner system, which is proving very popular on sites across the UK.

Published date:
July 25, 2021