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Helping Pricewatch to future-proof its network

Sussex-based retailer Pricewatch has been busy upgrading its network with the help of Eurotank.

Eurotank is midway through a programme of tank re-tightening across Pricewatch’s nine sites, has installed Omntec tank gauges at five of the independent retailer’s forecourts, resurfaced another site to finish off a recently rebranded forecourt, and will soon be installing two new Mepsan Smartline L-X362 pumps for Trinity Service Station in Eastbourne.

Tom Buckley, General Manager (Fuels) at Pricewatch, said: “Our network was dated and had been underinvested for a while and we wanted to bring the sites up to standard. We’re trying to modernise the network to give customers confidence to buy their fuel from our sites and have started to brand some so we’ll have two with Esso, three Gulf and two BP. 

“Omntec has been a real game-changer because we were previously doing manual reconciliation every day with close-of-business tank readings and manually dipping the tanks. Now we have 24/7 access, can play around with quantities prior to a delivery, and we haven’t had a run-out since.”

All of Pricewatch’s sites have single-skin tanks so to give them peace of mind while keeping investment as low as possible, Eurotank suggested a programme of tank re-tightening. This includes fully cleaning the tanks, measuring tank shell thickness and comparing that to the tanks’ original thickness, inspection of any internal corrosion and risk assessment of any pitting areas, application of localised fibreglass patches to upgrade any risk points, as well as cleaning of tank lids and fittings. 

Published date:
May 26, 2023
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