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Fuel quality management

Helping customers ensure their fuel looks clear and bright

Eurotank Environmental has been helping retailers with fuel quality for nearly 25 years, and has cleaned more than 400 tanks so far this year.

The majority of these cleans have been carried out remotely, and our team of experienced fuel technicians use an array of tank cleaning and fuel polishing technologies, including several filter units that can remove particulate, bacterial growth, rust and water.

Bespoke rotary jetting units are used to clean the tanks along with a powerful ATEX vacuum for uplifting heavy sludge and sediment. The tanks can be inspected before and after the tank clean with an ATEX certified camera to ensure the tank has been sufficiently cleaned.

Bacterial growth can also cause issues to the suction pipework and pump filters so the suction lines are cleaned then tested for cleanliness as well as all pump filters.

To keep sites trading while tank cleaning is in progress, tanks are worked on in sequence with the work area clearly sectioned off with chapter eight barriers to allow traffic flow and to protect the public. All stages of the tank clean are recorded on a job management system and a report card is sent to the customer on completion.  

Published date:
March 22, 2024
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