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Fast return on investment for AdBlue installations

Customers are reporting an average return on investment for an AdBlue tank and pump installation of 12 months – and as quick as four months for one client.

The solution, which includes a small-footprint AdBlue tank and Mepsan AdBlue dispenser, offers the best returns on sites that have high diesel sales.

Jack Aplin, Eurotank’s Group Sales Director, said: “Targeting sites that already have HGV pumps will yield the quickest return as commercial vehicles will have larger AdBlue tanks and be undertaking more mileage.

“Additionally, our customers report only a minimal downturn in the volume of container AdBlue sales.”

There are two possible solutions. A retail unit includes a tank and pump that fits between pump islands and is low height so that vision is not impaired from the kiosk or the back of the pumps. The installation comes with a pump that will have a domestic car nozzle and an HGV nozzle. The second option is a standalone tank and pump, which is normally most suitable when a site already has an HGV pump. The tank has a higher capacity than the retail unit to cope with a higher throughput of sales if there are dedicated HGV pumps on site.

Please email for a no-obligation quote.

All quotations will include:

• Supply of AdBlue tank

• Supply of Mepsan Adblue dispenser

• Civil works to create a concrete base and trenching for pipework and electrics

• Electrical connection

• Commissioning of the pump and tank, and connection to DOMS.

Published date:
January 30, 2024
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