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Eurotank Installations invests in first Iveco tipper truck

Eurotank Installations (EI) has taken delivery of its first company-owned tipper truck.

One of EI’s small works teams will use the Iveco tipper truck, which is fitted with a high-spec invertor, providing provide two 110v power sockets, for jobs such as manhole cover replacements, aco channel replacements, failed line replacements and re-pumps.

The 3.5t towing capacity makes it ideal for towing one of EI’s 2.5t Volvo mini diggers and attachments. 

Edward Wheeler, Eurotank Service Group Managing Director, said: “The tipper truck is our first Iveco so we will see how it performs,” adds Edward. “Now that red diesel has gone, it makes sense to use the vehicle engine for power, so Eurotank will be fitting a high spec invertor to all our vehicles going forward.

“Eurotank usually buys Mercedes vans but due to the lead time of getting a factory order, which would be necessary to get the 3.5t towing capacity, plus the time to get a body builder to fit the tipper, we decided to give the Iveco a go. Ivecos also come with 3.5t capacity as standard.

“Small works are an important part of our customer offer so our customers only have one contractor they need to deal with for all their forecourt needs.”

Published date:
September 30, 2022
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