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Eurotank brings scrambled egg offer to forecourts

Eurotank Service Group has launched a partnership with Scraegg UK Distribution to bring a scrambled egg food-to-go offer to the forecourt market.

Using The Happy Egg Co branded liquid egg, the small-footprint Scraegg Pro unit prepares a fluffy scrambled egg meal, served in a to-go cup or on a plate, in just 15 seconds. A high-performance steam nozzle heats the eggs to ensure a creamy consistency and light and airy texture every time.

Retailers can add some flavour to the eggs with one of four spice mixes – British (smokey bacon with a hint of mature cheddar), Spanish(tomato, red pepper with a hint of oregano, cheese and garlic), Mexican (red bell pepper and chipotle chilli with a hint of paprika and garlic) or Indian(masala curry with onion and garlic).

Eurotank’s service network will take care of installation, repair and maintenance of the Scraegg units at petrol stations across the UK and Ireland.

The space-saving unit is 30x30x46.5cm, heats up in just eight minutes and operates with 230V. It has a fixed water connection as well as a 0.8-litre tank able to serve approximately 50 portions.

Published date:
April 25, 2019
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