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Decommission of an old AdBlue tank

Eurotank and Europump team up for decommission

Europump Maintenance and Eurotank Environmental have joined forces for the decommission of an AdBlue tank for a commercial customer site in Wolverhampton.

Europump called upon Eurotank’s ADR tanker to uplift 2,500litres of AdBlue and transferred it into an IBC in preparation for the tank to be decommissioned and a new one installed.

Once the AdBlue was uplifted and transferred, Europump’s in-house electrician removed all electrical cables from the old AdBlue tank and jointed them inside the Triscan pedestal before isolating and removing the mains supply from the old tank, ready for it to be removed by the Eurotank team.

Edward Wheeler, Group Managing Director, said: “It’s great to see our companies collaborating. The Group structure means our companies work in harmony so that our customers only have to deal with one supplier for any works required on commercial and retail fuelling facilities.”

Published date:
November 15, 2021
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