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Eurotank Installations underground fuel pipework

EI makes fast headway on major oil co site refurb

Eurotank Installations (EI) has kicked off a nine-week project, which will see the fuel system on a major oil company site fully refurbished and involve all three divisions of the Eurotank Service Group. 

The initial construction phase by EI includes a full repipe of the site along with a new interceptor installed into the ground, forecourt resurfacing, new islands and bollards. 

Once construction work is complete, Eurotank Environmental will upgrade the underground tanks without manned entry. The process combines tank degassing using one of Eurotank’s remote tank cleaning robots, followed by the installation of Fastliner bladder tank liners, which are specially manufactured to be installed remotely.  

The third phase of the project will involve the installation of new pumps by Europump. 

Published date:
November 9, 2022
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