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Mepsan in Turkey

Edward Wheeler on embracing new ideas and technologies from overseas

We’ve recently returned from our factory visit to Mepsan in Turkey, which was an amazing experience as Konya, where the factory is based, is home to two million people and very industrial in comparison to the tourist places I’ve visited before in Turkey.

We work with a number of companies in Turkey and they are definitely businesses that are on the front foot in terms of designing new equipment for the fuelling market. Asis, one of our technology partners developed the ‘Calibex’ tank laser calibration system, which provides a solution to a long-standing industry problem of not being able to accurately calibrate automatic tank gauges. Asis has a long history and impressive track record of developing new technology and from what we witnessed at the Mepsan factory, they are also trying to lead the market rather than follow. I’ve been so impressed with the engineering and innovation mindset inTurkey that I’m sure working with these companies will help us be more successful in the future.

One of the main reasons for both Eurotank’s creation and ongoing growth has been embracing new ideas and technologies from other countries and introducing them to the UK. We founded the business with endoscopic tank cleaning from Norway as well as tank chamber sealing systems from Oklahoma in the USA. We now have tank lining systems from different parts of the world –Canada, Germany and Italy. Our pump calibration system was also developed in Canada. The great thing about the fuel industry is that it is a global business with both small and very large companies in the supply chain. You generally find that a problem in one country exists in others, so technology is being developed all the time in other countries that can be used in the UK andIreland without too much difficulty.

Diesel fuel quality is one of those issues, which initially we thought could be a local issue, but after travelling to other countries and talking to people, we discovered that it is a global challenge with solutions being developed all over the world to help prevent issues.

Eurotank is a business built on finding and introducing products from around the world and we will continue to invest a lot of time and energy into finding the products of the future, from wherever they may be.

Published date:
December 22, 2021