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Drainage cleans slash reactive callouts for Sewell

The Sewell Group has cut reactive callouts for blocked drainage since having its interceptors and drainage cleaned by Eurotank Environmental. 

In a six-month review of service performance, Tom Farrow, Operational Team Lead at Sewell Facilities Management, which manages the maintenance of Sewell On the Go forecourt properties, revealed that the need for reactive callouts had completely dropped over the past six months. 

“We hadn’t been happy with our previous interceptor cleaning company so we decided to give Eurotank a trial and I’m glad we did,” said Tom. “Reactive callouts have reduced dramatically at the majority of our sites since Eurotank carried out interceptor cleans. 

“Where we have had to use Eurotank’s reactive service they have been responsive to our needs, ensuring the highest quality service.” 

Part of the Eurotank service is to high pressure jet the lines after sucking out the interceptor and wash pits to ensure there are no blockages. 

“The previous contractor did not complete a full site clean, instead solely focusing on the interceptor,” explains Tom. “Eurotank’s thorough regime cleaning all channels to the interceptor is impressive.”

Eurotank cleans the interceptors and drainage across 26 sites in the Sewell estate, including the Sewell On the Go forecourt network as well as some schools and healthcare premises. 

Published date:
July 6, 2022
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