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Deal with Electrajet widens service offer

Eurotank Service Group has formed a partnership with Electrajet to add installation, service and maintenance of valeting equipment to our customer base. 

The partnership means Eurotank can now supply, install and maintain the Electrajet range of valeting equipment and combine capital expenditures (CapEx) with operating expenses (OpEx) into a single proposal. 

Jack Aplin, Eurotank Group Sales Director, said: “With this partnership we will build on Electrajet’s high quality manufacturing and add our nationwide service and installation. It’s a natural progression in our customer offer as we already have a network of service and installation engineers and a nationwide fleet of interceptor and drainage tankers to manage wash bay maintenance and waste. 

“We’re in a unique position where we can offer multiple services in-house and be able to tailor proposals to include CapEx and OpEx.”

Electrajet’s range includes premium and standard jet wash equipment, multifunction towers that combine multiple valeting services such as water, screen wash, vacuum and fragrance in a single unit, as well as air towers including water and screen wash, and vacuum and fragrance towers. 

Published date:
March 28, 2023
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