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Credible low-cost concept for fast Mepsan repump

Eurotank is offering a low-cost solution for a quick replacement of ageing equipment with new Mepsan pumps to reinvigorate a forecourt for comparatively low investment.

The first install of this kind was carried out this month at a site in Merseyside. The site closed on the Wednesday morning and was open again by Friday with three brand new Smartline L six-hose pumps for less than £30,000, including installation and removal of old equipment. 

Jack Aplin, Eurotank’s Group Sales Director, said: “When pumps get old they usually become plagued by maintenance issues so we have come up with a concept that helps customers eliminate issues to keep nozzle availability high.”

The simple installation process uses adapter plates to bolt on the new pumps to existing islands after removing the old ones.

Published date:
February 28, 2023
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