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Eurotank decommissions tanks using a foam injection system

Car sales continue during tank decommissioning

Eurotank Environmental’s Decommissioning team recently completed a tank decommission using foam injection at an MG Showroom.

The owner of the car dealership decided to stop trading fuel but wanted to keep the showroom for car sales open during the decommissioning of their old underground fuel storage tanks.

The Eurotank Service Group’s values pledge to keep its customers safe and always find a way of meeting their requirements.

Eurotank Environmental’s Operations Director, Alex Lis, commented: “While it was a challenge decommissioning a tank under the main showroom building, our professional team and excellent site set-up ensured the work area was safe as always for our engineers, the customer and anyone visiting the showroom.”

He added that Eurotank Environmental’s Decommissioning team is able to take on foam injection decommissioning work across any industry. “The resin used in the foam injection process is environmentally friendly and can even be used straight into soil to lift walls or floors as well as decommissioning tanks,” he explained.

Published date:
June 14, 2021
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