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Capped off tanks due to failure are a warning sign

A tank fill point that had been permanently ‘capped off’ due to a tank failure is a red flag that further failures could be on the way, warns Eurotank’s Edward Wheeler. 

How the tanks were initially installed and then maintained has a direct correlation to whether they fail or not so if one has failed it’s more likely there is something going on internally or externally that has caused this leak. For example, there could be something in the ground water that has attacked the coating on the outside of the tank causing external corrosion. 

“When a retailer is looking at their sites or purchasing a new one, if there is already a tank out of action due to a failure, that really is a warning sign,” said Edward. “I would urge retailers to have the mindset that if one has failed, another failure is more than likely. The same thing can be applied to failed pipework. If one line goes down, others are likely to follow. Doing something is really important as doing nothing will provide you with little defence if the proverbial hits the fan.”

Published date:
June 30, 2023
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