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Bespoke solution avoids four-week project delay

Remaining true to Eurotank’s company value of Finding a Way, one tank lining team managed to avoid a four-week hold-up on a Fastliner project site by coming up with a bespoke solution to overcome an unforeseen challenge. 

During the first phase of the project it was identified that the fibreglass chamber had been installed in such a way that did not allow access to the tank lid bolts/nuts.

This change of scope in the project was going to extend the timescales and add in potentially a four-week delay with a period of no work able to be done on the site.

The Eurotank team led by Site Manager George Stamatin put their heads together and came up with a solution to cut a section of the chamber to gain access and complete the scheduled work, and then re-bond the chamber afterwards.

The solution only added one week to the project and there was no stand-down time at all.

Eddie Fataciune, Head of Tank Lining, said: “This was a great result for the customer and Eurotank. George Stamatin, who showed a high attention to detail in solving this customer challenge, has won an internal award for his involvement in the challenge, which could end up being a major industry problem in the coming years. Eurotank will now be on the front foot to resolve it.”

Published date:
June 30, 2023
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