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Safety Consultant

Behavioural safety is key to keeping teams safe

As part of Eurotank’s drive to refresh the safety culture within the business, Safety Consultant Martin Rackley has delivered his behavioural safety course to all the operational managers from across the Group.

The aim of this session is to identify some common causes for accidents and near misses, and then show how they all have a root cause in incorrect behaviours and attitudes towards safety.

The course covers how accidents at work have reduced over the past century and what the causes of this reduction were before addressing why we still can’t get to zero as a society, company or as individuals.

Martin said: “Behaviours are key if we are to get close to zero. We encourage people to identify and rectify unsafe conditions before a near miss occurs.

“We provide tips on how best to approach people and to start a safety conversation and look at how perception affects our behaviours.

“It’s all about empowering people to become more confident and challenge unsafe working both inside and outside the workplace.”

One manager in attendance was Kevin Riley, Site Manager for Eurotank Environmental. He said: “The course highlighted that no matter what experience and skill set any team member currently has everyone must stay vigilant and not become complacent in their role. I found it very useful and strongly believe the course would be beneficial to all team members.”

Europump’s Field Manager Simon Brown added: “The course reinforced how important it is to keep the safety message active within our teams and not to let the little things slip as this is what allows the bigger incidents to happen.”


Published date:
July 7, 2021
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